15 Bookish Facts About Me

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Hi guys so I was watching some of Jessethereader’s videos today and came across this tag again and thought that it would be fun to share some bookish facts about myself. Here we go.

1. Blood and Gore immediately attract me – I’m a sucker for blood and guts which is why Throne of Glass is one of my favorite series and Game of Thrones is one of my favorite T.V. shows.

2. I put more detail into the places rather than the characters – When I read a book and hear a description of a place, it tends to stick with me more than when I read a description about a character.

3. I rarely fancast characters – So I think of characters in a weird way while I read, I usually never have a defined face in mind for someone unless I’ve seen the movie trailer or fan art but even then, fan art doesn’t really build a face in my head.

4. Sometimes I forget to use a bookmark – This usually results in me using whatever happens to be around me and when desperation hits sometimes you just have to run into the bathroom and use TP.

5. I’m bad at taking review notes – Most of the time after I finish a book I will search for booktalks on youtube just to refresh my mind and allow me to take more detailed notes for a better review.

6. I never put tabs in library books – I only tab books that I own because I don’t want to waist the tabs and lets face it, I don’t want to take all those out.

7. I run a bookstagram account – you most likely already know this just because that’s why I started a blog but hey shameless self promo right here.

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8. I’m a sucker for book swag – Seriously I love it! Preordering books is really fun because some of the time, publishers will have an offer for those who submit their preorder receipt and you get some awesome book swag.

9. I read Harry Potter when I was 11 – I was in fifth grade and had tried reading the first chapter of Sorcerer’s Stone but just couldn’t get into it. I eventually randomly picked up the third one without realizing and loved it so much that I read through the entire thing. Don’t worry, I went back and read the first two as well as rereading the third and continuing with the series.

10. I love Goodreads – This website is one of my absolute favorites and I do my best to keep it up to date. If you’d like to friend me click here.

11. I judge books by their covers – I’ve started to connect different types of covers with different genres which makes sense but doesn’t at the same time. I don’t mind that I do this but I can’t help but feel like I might be missing out on some good books.

12. I’ve met Marissa Meyer twice – The first time I met the author of the amazing series The Lunar Chronicles, was last august and I begged my mom to take me about an hour away from our town to meet her. It was awesome because no one actually knew that she would be there because some complications with the announcements or something but I got to talk with her for a while and we talked about Hogwarts houses and her books and it was awesome!!!

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The second time I met her was at the Winter launch party back in November where they had a reenactment of one of the scenes from the book and it really was so much fun. Not to mention book swaaaaaag galore!!

13. I don’t read the entire synopsis of books before reading them – So what I usually do is if I’ve never heard of a book before, I will read the first little paragraph of the synopsis and if it catches my attention I’ll give it a try. Sometimes the result is amazing but you know, sometimes not so much.

14. I like to drink stuff while I read – Although I don’t always, but tea and water are usually my go to drinks while I’m reading. Tea just feels so booky and water is just nice.

15. I am complete Harry Potter trash – I have such a deep love for Harry Potter that my room is basically a shrine. I have my robes on a stand, I’ve got my books on display, and I’ve got my walls plastered in posters. This book series and characters mean so so much to me that I don’t think I would be the reader I am today if it wasn’t for J.K. Rowling and her amazing brain that created my childhood and gave me the motivation to just live as much as I possibly can.

Now in good old tagging fashion, I am tagging everyone to do this tag. Trust me it’s really fun and I loved thinking about what bookish things I do or how I think while reading. I do have some questions for you if you’d like to leave a comment down below because I’m quite interested in your answers

Female or male POV? Tea or Coffee? Paperback or hardcover? Fantasy or contemporary? Do you have Goodreads (link it below!)??


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