Harry Christmas To You 2016


 Hello everyone and welcome to my little Harry Christmas To You shout out-ish. This year will be my third year participating in this lovely event created by the even lovelier Maureen Keavy  over on YouTube. This post is basically a little information about Harry Christmas To You just because I love it and I want to spread the word. Enjoy! And I hope to see you around the Wizarding World next month.


Harry Christmas To You is a month long read/watch-a-long of the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. It was created by a popular Booktuber and Gryffindor Maureen Keavy almost three years ago. Seven Booktubers are chosen as hosts for each book and also host the Twitter during watch-a-longs which are full of trivia, GIFs, and pure magic! The past two years have been so much fun and how else would you want to celebrate the amazingness that is Harry Potter than with other Potterheads!??!!


Like I said up there, this read-a-watch-a-long lasts the Entire Month of December. Trivia and Movie schedules are down below and also on the official Twitter. Also just want to say that it is not required to read all the books of watch all the movies, I myself don’t even own all the movies but I still love following along on Twitter.

img_3215   img_3214


To learn more about this event as well as see who the hosts are check out the links below:

Twitter (Basically where everything goes down)
Maureen Keavy’s YouTube

*Maureen will be posting an announcement video on her YouTube Channel with more information November 30th*


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