The Hamilton Book Tag

Photo Aug 04, 10 38 08 PM

Of course I wasn’t tagged to do this but how could I possibly resist?!?

This tag was created by Maureen from Maureen Keavy on YouTube and I think it is absolutely amazing and I’m so glad someone did. You can listen to Hamilton on YouTube or Spotify and I highly recommend you just buy the album because you will definitely be hooked.

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Pokemon Go Book Tag


Hello everyone and oh look it’s another tag…*sweats*

This tag was created by the lovely Aentee over at Read At Midnight along with every Pokemon graphic you see on this post. Sadly, I no longer have data on my phone (totally not because I would go over every month…hahaha) so it’s difficult to jump around from WiFi connection to WiFi connection trying to catch the occasional Pokemon. Don’t get me wrong, I’m desperate and of course I still play that way…Anyway, lets get into the tag. Continue reading

Harry Potter Spells Tag


I’ve decided to post tags twice a month regardless if I was tagged or not because they’re fun and you guys might enjoy them. Anyway, my love for Harry Potter will forever be undying and so I thought why not do this tag?? I couldn’t find who created this tag but if you know please let me know. Without further ado, lets go.

(If you want to know more about a book just click the cover)
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